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Our Workbooks

If your school, program, or business is interested in our books, please note that we also offer workshops that can be presented alongside the books. If you're interested, please contact us, and we will reach out to you to schedule a meeting.

Warning: All of our workbooks are issued with a sensitive topic warning and should be reviewed by a responsible adult before youth engage with them.

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Big Boys Don't Cry 

A workbook that explores the five stages of grief and develops coping tools for those who need them most.

Ideal for youth 5-18 yrs. 

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Sunvalley pt. 1

A workbook that explores bullying when there are language and cultural barriers. 

Ideal for kids ages 10-18 yrs.

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My Child Would Never...

A workbook that examines children's behaviors related to drug abuse when parents are not present.

 Ideal for youth 10-18 yrs.

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All the Bees Buzz

A workbook that explores coping strategies and finding support.

Ideal for youth 7-18 yrs. 

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Sunvalley pt.2 

A workbook that explores bullying through school and social media. What happens to youth that are exploited and how to help.


Ideal for youth 10-18 yrs.


Got Reform 

A workbook that explores making positive changes when given the OPPOURTUNITY. 

Ideal for youth 10-18 yrs.

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